About Overlay

You can’t change what you can’t measure. And to have an impact on climate change, we’re going to need data. A lot of data. And from a wide variety of different sources.

Over the next few years, we believe that the global finance industry will need to rapidly scale up to meet the challenge of achieving ambitious global emissions targets. And without data, that’s going to be hard to achieve. That’s where Overlay comes in.

We’re building a data platform for gathering, combining, handling and reporting on sustainability data for the financial sector. Combining financial data with impact data will together help finance professionals to identify which assets and projects are suitable for green investment.

The data platform and software tools we are building will help create and generate reports for sustainable financial products. We're aiming to remove much of the time-consuming work currently involved and unleash the potential of the sustainable finance sector.

We believe that what we are building will enable our customers to measure the impact of their assets and processes more efficiently. And in so doing, we can help the sustainable finance sector as a whole to rapidly scale up to meet the huge challenges we face due to climate change.

We’re a new initiative, incubated in ING’s fintech lab in London. We’re building a data platform and software tools to support issuing and reporting on sustainable finance products.

Through our platform, gathering green performance data from multiple sources, verifying and validating it becomes smoother.

We’re working initially with green bond issuers who have a portfolio of real estate assets, starting in the UK and the Netherlands. Today we compare a portfolio of assets against climate scenarios and then deliver the data as an overlay over existing financial information.

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The Team

Tee Pruitt

Commercial Co-founder

Stef Lewandowski

Product Co-founder

Vlad Mitroi

Sustainable Finance

Shilpa Narayan


Ian Kynnersley


Wikke van Weelderen

Service Design

Remy Sharp

Software Design

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino